Online Exhibition and Discussion

The Voices from Thailand Protests

Mast Irham (Photojournalist, Jakarta)
Watsamon Tri-yasakda (Photographer, Bangkok)

Hosted by
Ng Swan Ti (PannaFoto Institute)

Thursday, 28 January 2021
at 20:00-21:30 WIB / 8-9.30 PM Jakarta Time
via Zoom

A series of pro-democracy movements in Thailand draws thousands of protesters calling for reforms of the monarchy. Over the past few months, Thailand youth-led protesters have joined the rallies and stepped up to further demands of monarchy reform.

Join us in conversation with the invited panelists. All of whom will share their experience in covering the protests in Bangkok. Watsamon will be sharing her experience on how the 2020 Thai Protests also represent marginalized groups with regard to the right to equality. Irham also will be sharing his observation while covering earlier protests in Bangkok.

The session will be conducted in English and Indonesian.

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(Photo: Watsamon Tri-yasakda)

Pameran & Diskusi Daring

The Voices from Thailand Protests

Mast Irham (Pewarta Foto, Jakarta)
Watsamon Tri-yasakda (Fotografer, Bangkok)

dipandu oleh Ng Swan Ti (PannaFoto Institute)

Kamis, 28 Januari 2021
pukul 20:00-21:30 WIB
via Zoom

Serangkaian gerakan pro-demokrasi di Thailand menarik ribuan pengunjuk rasa yang menyerukan reformasi monarki. Selama beberapa bulan terakhir, para pengunjuk rasa yang dipimpin oleh kaum muda telah bergabung dalam aksi unjuk rasa dan menyuarakan tuntutan akan reformasi monarki.

Bergabunglah bersama kami dalam diskusi yang mengundang para panelis. Mereka akan berbagi pengalaman saat meliput unjuk rasa di Bangkok. Watsamon akan membagikan pengalamannya bagaimana ia meliput Unjuk Rasa Thailand 2020 yang juga mewakili kelompok-kelompok termarjinalkan yang turut menyuarakan hak atas kesetaraan. Irham juga akan berbagi kisah tentang pengamatannya saat meliput masa-masa awal unjuk rasa di Bangkok.

Sesi akan dilakukan dalam Bahasa Inggris dan Bahasa Indonesia.


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(Foto: Watsamon Tri-yasakda)